Product Application Notes

Using newWaveX—Applying Shorts
An explanation on how shorting links and short circuit loads are described and applied using newWaveX. There are two completely different kinds of load within IEEE 1641 that may be used for shorts. One is a BSC and the other is a property of the Physical class. Although this application note explains how each type is used within newWaveX, the principles are applicable to any IEEE 1641 compliant toolset.

Using newWaveX—Waveform Testing
This application note explains how it is possible to express a test in which a waveform envelope is required to be checked. The test is required to verify that a waveform remains within a specified envelope. The waveform itself is not specified, only the limits (envelope) which it must not cross. This description is presented using the features available in newWaveX, but the principles hold true for any IEEE 1641 compliant solution

Applying RingDown™ Prognostics to Power Drive Systems
This application note describes the extraction of signals from Power Supplies for use with RingDown™. RingDown is a prognostic method that analyses the State of Health of a power supply by examining the output signature. This signature is then used to determine the Remaining Useful Life of the power supply, thus allowing the unit to be replaced or repaired at a convenient maintenance point prior to a catastrophic failure occuring in the field.

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