MIL-STD-1519 – More Info

MIL-STD-1519 is used as a model for Test Requirements Documents (TRDs) on military contracts. The standard itself, although technically withdrawn, is still available on US military websites and is still supported by several software packages.

It is often specified on contracts, requiring avionics suppliers to generate and deliver a MIL-STD-1519 compliant TRD with each version of their products to the project prime contractor.

We can provide support for MIL-STD-1519 whatever the requirement. A 1519 compliant TRD can be provided from other source documentation. This documentation includes the preamble ("Front End Sheets"), a complete set of Detailed Test Information (DTI) sheets and flow charts. During the process of creation, our engineers will advise on any missing detail or additional information required to complete the document.

Products are also available to enable a supplier to create their own TRDs. These include a stand-alone product and those which are based on existing ATLAS Products.

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