Military Standard 1519 was the standard produced for the US DOD that established the requirements for the preparation and control of Test Requirements Documents (TRDs) used in specifying testing requirements for avionics (and similar) subsystems and units. Although this standard was withdrawn in 1995, it still remains the single most referenced source of information providing guidance on the creation of TRDs. This standard was used as part of the source information for designing the ATML Test Description standard and schema.

MIL-STD-1519 specified test requirements that were independent of any specific test equipment. It also defined the format to be used for recording the test information. Originally, TRDs to this standard were simply text based documents, often of considerable size, but later implementations of the standard used database systems to record and maintain the data. This allowed for printed versions of a TRD to be prepared when required, but simplified the processes of originating, maintaining and transferring the information.

Many projects continue to use this standard and the format specified therein.

We can provide a suitable tool for the creation and maintenance of 1519 TRDs. As an alternative, we can provide a complete TRD as a service to manufacturers of avionics subsystems and units, using the original in-house source test specifications and data.

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