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newWaveX is an intuitive user-friendly suite of products that does not require specialist training for users to acquire the skills to develop 1641 programs. Completing the 1641 User-Developer training course (which uses newWaveX Signal Development for the hands-on element) provides adequate information for the newWaveX user. Further support is provided for users of newWaveX packages under the maintenance agreements for those products.

  • newWaveX–SD User/Developer Course
    Understanding how to use the 1641 standard and the newWaveX–SD tools to create test signals is essential for providing the IEEE compliant signals and tests that are now required by MOD policy for new ATS. This course, together with the IEEE 1641 User/Developer course provides all the information required by those developing signals and tests in support of this policy.

    This course provides an understanding of the newWaveX product and all its options. It ensures that users understand how to load or import existing TSF libraries, how to edit them and how to save and export them. Users will become aware of the use and function of the newWaveX toolbars and palette bar. It also provides a clear understanding of how to complete all the additional detail required when creating a TSF for use by others, including the commentary.

  • newWaveX Integration Support
    Integration support for newWaveX–SD and newWaveX–PD may be provided as part of the maintenance and support package for those individual products. As part of this support, We recommend that customers take up an optional 1 day support package with a Spherea Technology engineer who will provide advice on methods to link newWaveX with other packages using the built in interfaces.

SigBase Users Course

This course introduces the integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to create, compile and execute complete test programs. Students learn how to create test sequences for both the overall test strategy and the individual tests using the graphical drag and drop facilities. Test elements include input parameters, output parameters and test limits, and the entry and use of these is explained in detail. The test signals are created using the newWaveX graphical environment and the course covers the creation and editing of IEEE 1641 signals from within SigBase. The output carrier language code and signal definitions in 1641's TPL (Test Programming Language) are explained. This course involves a high proportion of hands-on practical experience to ensure that all attendees gain a full understanding of program development using SigBase.

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