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The newWaveX suite of tools, which support the development and implementation of test programs, not only uses IEEE 1641 to define the signals and tests but is fully compliant with the ATML series of standards.

The development versions of newWaveX (newWaveX–SD & newWaveX–PD) may be integrated with other test related toolsets and can export and import information from other systems using ATML compliant data.

Even the entry-level version of newWaveX (newWaveX–Lite) can provide its signal information in an XML format that is compliant with ATML.


SigBase, the Integrated Development Environment for the creation and execution of IEEE 1641 test programs, uses ATML for the output of its test results information. This means that the data can be easily transferred into other ATML compliant systems and the results can be printed or displayed in any desired format using the appropriate style sheet. The test program itself can also be exported using ATML Test Description format.

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