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The ATML family of standards (as well as XML schemas) represents a major breakthrough in both government and industry cooperation, providing for a universally unique family of standards for the exchange of diverse and varied test information in a common manner. The scope of this effort was the standardization of test information to allow test program and test asset interoperability, as well as UUT test data (including results and diagnostics) to be interchanged between heterogeneous systems. ATML standards and schemas mark a major advance in both the cooperation between competitive companies in addition to representing a model approach of how to facilitate genuine standard advancement and intercompany cooperation.

The ATML Framework standard, its companion 'dot' standards (and their associated XML schemas) are all available from the IEEE. The popularity of ATML can already be seen by its adoption in commercial off the shelf (COTS) products, which is already fostering test information interchange across competing vendors.

As the family of standards are updated, they will all be normalized to use the common schemas and provide a truly integrated and consistent approach for exchanging test information between COTS software tools as part of an Open System Architecture and ATML Framework solution.

Our engineers have been actively involved in the direction and development of ATML since the original ATML focus group was formed in 2002. In 2004 these efforts were formalised when the standardisation efforts were brought into the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 (SCC20). Our engineers have been active in the steering committee and leadership of standards development within SCC20 since 1989, providing not only the depth of knowledge required but the authority to provide help and advice on any ATML issues.

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