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We can provide and fully support PAWS (Professional ATLAS WorkStation), the leading ATLAS development system used by most of the US and European military ATLAS based ATS. The PAWS suite includes full development systems as well as runtime only versions for executing previously developed TPS on an installed base of workshop systems.

PAWS Developer's Studio gives you the power to compile, modify, debug, document, and simulate the operation of ATLAS test programs in a modern Windows environment. It offers the visual development capabilities prevalent in the marketplace today specifically tailored for ATLAS TPS development. A full range of the most commonly used ATLAS subsets is supported. A PAWS Toolkit can modify the ATLAS subset to meet the particular ATE (Test Station) configuration. Its output is ready to be executed on the associated debugging PAWS run time system.

PAWS provides the facilities to describe the test system and its component instruments and switches. This, together with a description of the wiring between the Unit Under Test (UUT) and ATS interface panel, provides all that is necessary for the PAWS system to determine the appropriate instrument and switching path for each stimulus and measurement in the test program.

PAWS options are available to convert ATLAS programs into MIL-STD-1519 compliant Test Requirement Documents (TRDs) or can automatically convert TRDs written in the PAWS or TYX TRD environments into ATLAS programs.

We can not only provide all the tools that may be required but can provide the appropriate assistance to quickly get the system up and running.

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