ATLAS – Toolset Training

PAWS Toolset Training

  • PAWS TPS Users Course
  • This course is designed for those who will be using the PAWS Developer's Studio suite for entering and debugging ATLAS programs. It builds upon basic ATLAS writing skills to provide knowledge about the complete TPS development process using the PAWS toolset.

    Participants are guided through the process of writing and debugging ATLAS programs, linking modules, creating Interface Test Adaptor (ITA) wire-lists, and ensuring the correct resource allocation for ATLAS programs on the ATE. Experience is also gained with the development of flowcharts, test diagrams and other test documentation using PAWS tools.

    The process of test program simulation is explained where the responses from real instruments is replaced by values entered via the keyboard. This technique may be used to validate the failure (NOGO) paths through the test program as well as the more obvious GO path for a good unit.

    This course is structured to include a high level of hands-on practical experience with the PAWS toolset and includes a full set of course notes. The prerequisite for this course is either the completion of the generic ATLAS course or previous ATLAS experience.

  • PAWS Advanced Driver Development Course
  • The Advanced Driver course explains how to develop instrument drivers using the PAWS system. The PAWS compilation system is discussed with special emphasis on signal analysis and resource allocation. The PAWS databases describing the ATLAS subset, ATE instruments and the ATE switch are studied in depth. Hands-on exercises give practice in creating and modifying each database. Students learn to control ATE instruments by writing PAWS macros or by integrating existing drivers in C/C++ or other languages using the PAWS CEM process.

  • PAWS Run Time System – Advanced Techniques Course
  • An advanced course for ATE and TPS engineers involving advanced concepts for the PAWS Run Time System. Advanced on-station compilation, integration and debug features are highlighted.

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