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We have considerable experience in the use of ATLAS. This applies to all aspects of the use of ATLAS, including Test Program Sets (TPS), compilers and toolsets, integration support including instrument drivers and if required, complete ATLAS compliant Test Systems. Whenever ATLAS is used on a project, we can provide the appropriate advice, support and training.


ATLAS training courses are available for the most commonly used ATLAS subsets, including IEEE 716 and ARINC 626. These courses provide experience in developing ATLAS test programs while using the formal IEEE or ARINC standard as the main reference document. Each course focuses on writing generic ATLAS programs and the knowledge is then easily adapted to any ATS specific subset that may be in use on a project.

The courses describe the structure of an ATLAS program, the use of modules and procedures, how to define signal requirements, the application and measurement of analogue signals, databus and digital testing, timing and event handling, in addition to the basic program sequencing and control structures.

Every course includes hands-on practice writing and debugging ATLAS programs. A copy of the appropriate standard plus a copy of all the training notes are also provided as part of the course.

Courses are normally held at our offices in Ferndown but may be held at customers' offices if preferred. Full details will be supplied on request.

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