ATLAS, an acronym for Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems, is the major test language that has been used for many military and commercial avionics test requirements for more than 40 years. It is still used on many of the large military and avionics test systems in use today.

The major benefits of using ATLAS are:

  • Provides a readable test specification language
  • Describes tests with respect to the Unit Under Test
  • Independent of any particular test system or equipment at specification level
  • Non-proprietary
  • Developed by consensus under the IEEE's rules.

Many thousands of Test Programs have been developed using ATLAS. This legacy means that a large number of these programs will continue to be maintained for many years into the future. ATLAS has stood the test of time and remains an important component in the long-term maintenance of military equipment and commercial avionics. ATLAS programs often outlive the original test equipment and the portability of these programs eases the task of moving to replacement test systems.

Although no major development of the language has occurred since 1995, its continued use by many organizations led to the ongoing reaffirmation of the current standard. The last three versions of ATLAS (as listed below) are still available from the IEEE.

  • IEEE Std 7161985, C/ATLAS
  • IEEE Std 7161989, C/ATLAS
  • IEEE Std 7161995, C/ATLAS

We are able to support all these standards with tools and training.

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