ARINC 625 – Support & Training

ARINC Report 625-2 Industry Guide for Component Test Development and Management

This standard provides guidance to those who develop avionics test programs and the source documentation on which they are based. This includes guidelines for all steps and phases within the TPS life cycle.


ARINC 625 Test Support and Data Packages
We have considerable experience in the use of ARINC 625, or to give this standard its formal title; ARINC Report 625-2 Industry Guide for Component Test Development and Management.

Our experience in providing ARINC 625 documentation to avionic unit manufacturers makes us the ideal partner to help prepare compliant data packages for delivery to the airframe manufacturers.


For those with many packages to complete and have the in-house resources to complete the task, we can provide focussed training and specific advice on the best approach to be taken. This training explains the requirements of the standard and discusses the best approach, including how to use existing in-house documentation to its best advantage.

ARINC 625 Test Program Sets

Spherea Test & Services Ltd also have a team dedicated to providing and supporting TPS on the ATEC series of test systems. These systems are used by many airlines throughout the world and long term support is provided both for the test systems and TPSs by the Spherea international support operation.

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