ARINC Report 625, Industry Guide for Component Test Development and Management, defines the requirements and methodology to be used when developing Test Program Sets (TPS) for avionics units supplied to the major airframe manufacturers. The requirements of this report have been adopted by both Airbus S A S and The Boeing Company, although each have their implementation requirements.

The report covers the provision of test information to enable a third party to develop and implement a test solution. It also provides guidance on the test implementation and conformance checking processes. All of these processes are supported by checklists to help confirm that all the requirements have been satisfied by the LRU manufacturer and TPS implementer and integrator.

The test information requirements include a test equipment independent Test Specification and full supporting data. This data set includes items such as:

  • Test software loading tools and processes
  • Flight software loading tools and processes
  • Connector mating information
  • Connector & test point interface details.
  • Mechanical information for test fixtures
  • Fault code/fault isolation information
  • Information about any embedded test & diagnostic facilities

The complete suite of information then has to be checked and submitted in an approved format to the airframe manufacturer.

We have considerable experience in providing assistance to avionic unit manufacturers with creating the required specifications, gathering the necessary files and data, completing the checklists, and assembling the final Technical Support and Data Package (TSDP).

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