Integration Engineering


We can provide an Integration Engineering service for organisations that lack the breadth of skills or experience to do this efficiently themselves. The company has had over 25 years experience integrating its own and customers’ products and systems.

The support provided ranges from assisting an organisation to develop its own integration processes and skill sets to taking full responsibility for the integration.

This experience is applied through the application of the Integration Process.

Integration Process

During the integration of a typical product or system, we will:

  • Study the available documentation for the product or system to identify the technologies used within it. This documentation may include specifications, drawings and software.
  • Discuss with the customer the functionality of the product or system and establish the degree of support needed. It is at this point that the skills needed by the Integration Engineer(s) are identified.
  • Using the information obtained in the earlier stages, produce an Integration Plan that defines all the activities required. This specification identifies what needs to be done and how successful completion of the work will be demonstrated and recorded. It will normally be reviewed with the customer. If desired, this plan might encapsulate formal testing.
  • Carry out integration of the product or system, recording the testing performed and any rectification action carried out.If we are not contracted to carry out the integration process, then the company might support the customer during his own activities.
  • Demonstrate the integrated product or system to the customer if the work has been carried out by TES.

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