Test Requirement Capture &: Documentation

Spherea Technology is very experienced at capturing test requirements across a wide range of technologies from aero engines through military systems to avionics. For a typical contract the companies consultants will:

  • Gather all available information about the requirements, including documents already produced, legal and safety requirements and by interviewing stakeholders both inside and outside the customerís organisation where appropriate.

  • From this data, a draft specification will be produced, which will typically include:

    • System Overview
    • Operational Requirements
    • Software Requirements
    • Electrical Requirements
    • Mechanical Requirements
    • Environmental Requirements
    • Electromagnetic Requirements
    • Safety Requirements
    • Installation and Maintenance

  • Where appropriate each section will be broken down to include Functional and Non-functional Requirements.
  • Offer the draft specification to the stakeholders for review and update as required. This latter process is particularly important, because it is only then that the stakeholders come to realise how their own particular needs might conflict with those of others. We are able to facilitate this process to ensure that realistic and achievable requirements are developed.

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