Test Policy Development

An organisation may be uncertain as to the most appropriate Policy to adopt for testing its products or equipment. For example, a range of electronic devices may be becoming ready for launch, and the company would like to offer a support service to its customers. In another scenario, a product under development may be proving difficult or expensive to test and the customer may need advice on how best to maximise fault detection while minimising costs. We can offer support and advice to help a company reach the right decision.

For a typical contract the company's consultants will:

  • Gather all available information about the design of the product, both by reviewing drawings and specifications and by interviewing the designers.
  • Evaluate the product design for testability, paying particular attention to the degree of access to signals and the complexity of the technology used.
  • If the product development stage has not progressed too far, then recommendations for design changes might be made at this stage, to improve testability.
  • Using all of the information obtained, identify a range of solutions to test the product. This will be done using both Spherea Technology experiences of similar requirements in the past and by researching the market to find new and novel approaches that may be appropriate.
  • Evaluate all of the identified solutions to find the best for the particular product, taking account of all factors, including price.
  • Produce a Report detailing the findings of the Study with recommendations as to the best approach. This might include a number of alternative test techniques, more or less testing early in the manufacturing stages of the product and how appropriate and practicable automation may be. Throughout the Study the overall cost of the process will be paramount, balancing the cost of automation and/or expensive test equipment against time saved.

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