Test Methodology Design & Development

This service is an extension of our Requirements Capture Capability. Very often, organisations come to realise that they need guidance to realise their test solutions at the conceptual level. A Requirements Specification may already exist, but the solution may not be obvious.  Similarly, there may be several solutions to the requirements, but no certainty as to the best one to select. Finally, there may be no firm requirements at all, with just the knowledge that something needs testing and a solution identified in the minimum time possible.

For a typical contract the company's consultants will:

  • If no Requirement Specification exists, carry out a Requirements Capture exercise as described above.Depending on time constraints, the customer may require that a full Specification be developed and approved before any concept design begins, but it may be more appropriate to combine the two exercises and encapsulate the requirements within a Concept Design Specification.
  • Using the received or developed requirements identify a range of solutions. This will be done using both experiences of similar requirements in the past and by researching the market to find new and novel approaches that may be appropriate.
  • Evaluate all of the identified solutions to find the best for the particular requirement, taking account of all factors, including price. During this phase, requirements will be prioritised so that when compromises have to be made, the most important elements are not lost.
  • Offer the draft specification to the stakeholders for review and update as required. If the development has combined Requirements Capture with Concept Design, then stakeholder views will be considered as with the Requirements Capture process.

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