Development of Processes & Procedures

Spherea Technology has many years of experience in developing Processes and Procedures in test related disciplines to meet international standards such as the ISO 9000 family. Our consultants are very conscious that the processes used by any organisation can be inappropriate for several reasons:

  • The company is new and inexperienced and has yet to develop an effective set of Procedures.
  • The company has a comprehensive set of Procedures, but they do not match the business carried out, perhaps because the market has changed or the organisations size has changed significantly.
  • The companies Procedures are appropriate, but have become too unwieldy and are impacting competitiveness.

The key to good Procedures are that the Processes documented are adequate to achieve the Quality requirements, but do not place obstacles in the path of staff, impacting costs. We can evaluate the needs of any organisation, taking into account its size and the arena in which it has to operate, to either recommend alternative approaches to document Procedures, or to write the Procedures on their behalf.

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