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Spherea Technolgy has gained a wealth of experience of Applications Engineering by providing development services to its customers for over 25 years. Typically these deliveries entail the provision of turnkey solutions for the test and diagnosis of complex electronic and electrical equipment. The complete package is known as a Test Program Set (TPS) or Applications Test Package (ATP).

This experience is applied through the application of the TPS Development Process.

TPS Development Process

During the development of a typical TPS, we will:

  • Study the available documentation for the Unit Under Test (UUT) to identify the test requirements. This documentation may include test information, such as a Production Test Schedule and/or Production Acceptance Specification, but this is not always the case.
  • Discuss with the customer the fundamental purpose of the testing, e.g. is it:
    • Development Testing:- Confirm that the design has been correctly implemented and meets the requirements.
    • Production Testing:- Confirm that the item meets its specification.
    • Field Testing:- Confirm that the item is fit to be returned to service after a repair.
    • Diagnostic Testing:- Identify the failing part, so that a repair can be carried out.
  • Using the information obtained in the earlier stages, a Test Specification for the UUT will be produced that encapsulates all the requirements. This specification identifies what needs to be done and will normally be reviewed with the customer.
  • Produce Design Specifications for all hardware and software required. These specifications identify how the TPS will be implemented and may be reviewed with the customer if required. If it was not part of the requirements, then the test system to be used will be identified at this stage.
  • Develop the hardware and software and integrate it on to the target test system.
  • Test the software by applying faults to the UUT and ensuring that they are correctly detected and identified (if applicable).
  • Demonstrate the completed TPS to the customer.

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