newWaveX–System is an Automatic Test System (ATS) software suite that is UUT orientated and manages tester obsolescence through its use of signal-based ATML Capabilities. newWaveX–System optimizes test portability using a compile-time approach to translate ATML Test Description into efficient, platform-native test programs.

newWaveX–System is the culmination of the technological developments that Spherea Technology has made through its involvement in the industry collaborative development of the IEEE 1671 (ATML) & 1641 signal-based test standards.

newWaveX–System comprises three principal components:

  • ATML TestStation Editor that enables the engineer to describe ATS resources.
  • ATML TestDescription Compiler that interrogates the TestStation description to find test resources;
  • Your own test runtime that sits on the deployed system.

Each of these components is available separately, to meet the individual requirements of ATS development, TPS development and test system deployment. They can be integrated into third party software products to form a complete test development environment.

This product is compliant with the following international standards:

  • IEEE Std 1641 Signal & Test Definition
  • IEEE Std 1671 ATML
  • IEEE Std 1671.1 ATML Test Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.2 ATML Instrument Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.6 ATML Test Station Description
newWaveX–System combines Test Station editing and Test Description compilation to provide a reproducible and verifiable route from Test Requirement to Test Runtime.

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