newWaveX Signal Development is a user-friendly graphical design environment for signal based test & measurement. This product provides the facilities to design, build and simulate test signals prior to their inclusion in a test program. The signals and TSFs developed in this product are validated against the IEEE 1641 standard schemas to ensure that they are truly portable to other environments. It also allows the re-use of signals developed in other environments using the TSF Load facility.

The main features may be highlighted as follows:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop signal definition
  • Signals are built from a palette of Basic Signal Components (BSCs)
  • High level signal components (TSFs) can be built from BSCs
  • TSFs may be collected together to create a library of customised signals
  • DirectX« technology used to simulate signals
  • Signals are validated against IEEE 1641 to enable verification of compliance
  • ActiveX controls enable easy embedding in third-party applications
  • Supports XML, XSD, IDL and HTML file formats.

newWaveX–SD is compliant with the following international standards:

  • IEEE Std 1641 Signal & Test Definition
  • IEEE Std 1671 ATML
  • IEEE Std 1671.1 ATML Test Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.2 ATML Instrument Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.6 ATML Test Station Description

newWaveX–SD not only provides a complete signal development environment but can also be integrated into third party software products to form a complete test development environment.

newWaveX-SD can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Please contact Spherea for Licensing requirements.

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