newWaveX Platform Development is another component of the user-friendly graphical design environment for signal based test & measurement. This product is a development environment and framework for creating signal-based interfaces to allocate and control test instrumentation.

It has the same qualities as other components of the newWaveX family of products including these specific features:

  • Supplied framework creates a signal-based interface to instrumentation
  • Resource description and validation environment
  • Compile-time resource manager
  • Accepts Signal orientated test program descriptions
  • Provides driver orientated test code
  • Synthetic instrument driving capability built into framework.
  • Available as a pre-customised solution to suit a choice of test instruments
  • Supports ActiveX and .NET technologies.

This product is compliant with the following international standards:

  • IEEE Std 1641 Signal & Test Definition
  • IEEE Std 1671 ATML
  • IEEE Std 1671.1 ATML Test Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.2 ATML Instrument Description
  • IEEE Std 1671.6 ATML Test Station Description

newWaveX–PD not only provides a complete platform development and instrument control environment but can also be integrated into third party software products to form a complete test development environment.

newWaveX-PD can be downloaded from our Downloads page. Please contact Spherea for Licensing requirements.

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