eXpress is a software suite of diagnostic engineering tools that encompass diagnostics, testability, prognostics and systems engineering and represents the result of over 30 years of software development. It provides enormous short and long-term cost-savings, realized throughout the entire life cycle.

eXpress provides the capability to capture design information from a systems perspective and may be used to seamlessly combine disparate sources of data. eXpress couples the Systems Engineering, Reliability, Testability, Maintainability and Diagnostic/Testability disciplines. This provides a true end-to-end solution, which can begin as early as concept exploration, and carries through run-time deployment and beyond.

eXpress' approach handles system-level design capture and analysis across large engineering teams. By providing the most in-depth Testability and Diagnostics assessment capabilities on the market today, eXpress can tackle tasks ranging from the smallest embedded component to entire aircraft systems.

Features of eXpress

Design Capture
eXpress can be used to capture the design of both new and legacy designs and provides support for multi-discipline designs. These include electrical/electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and other systems. The express software is fully scalable and can deal with large systems design in additional to smaller systems.

Testing and Diagnostics
Test Strategy optimization is achieved by focusing on the overall “diagnosability” of a system or device during development. Engineering changes are always a trade-off that adds good behaviour at the expense of some bad behaviour. eXpress provides the tools to help determine whether and how these changes should be made.

Reliability Engineering Support
The reliability module adds an additional layer to the eXpress model. It allows failure modes to be tracked throughout the entire system design in terms of their effects on the system. From this information, a FMECA report is easily generated.

Health Management Framework
eXpress is ideally suited for Vehicle Health Management development. As a system tool, eXpress easily handles either Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM). Integrated System Health Management (ISHM) or Integrated Prognostic Health Management (IPHM). The later term referring to the bigger picture where IVHM technologies have moved to a systems level, that includes ground support, remote monitoring and management, etc.

Support of Maintainability Engineering
eXpress supports much more than just Testability and Diagnostics assessment. The eXpress model also provides the knowledge to support maintainability studies. Simulation-based statistics bring many simple Testability statistics into the Life Cycle Cost domain needed to support prognostics design and maintainability studies.

Validation and Verification
eXpress' solution to the validation problem is multi-faceted. The change process is done through an integrated error-checker. This helps notify of any definition problems before time is wasted solving problems that show up on dependent layers of information. The provision of extensive reporting allows data drill-down into any aspect of the design.

The eXpress Brochure gives more information.

Additionally, further information about eXpress® may be obtained from the DSI International website.

eXpress is avaliable for Download from DSI International

DSI Flexnet Server is also avaliable for Download from DSI International

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