TYX TestBase is a test executive that supports the visual development, database storage and run-time execution of test strategies (also known as test plans or test sequences).

TestBase integrates third-party applications such as: test programming languages, document viewers, report generators, database engines, Configuration Management systems and diagnostic tools.

Its modular and open architecture enables system integrators and end-users to customize and extend the product and to integrate additional third-party applications.

TestBase Features

Helps increase test development productivity by combining the simplicity and self-documenting nature of visual design with the versatility of third-party test programming languages, while, at the same time, benefiting long-term maintainability through extensive design-time verification and enforcement of good development practices such as test procedure encapsulation.

Enables users to reduce the lifecycle costs of Automatic Test Systems through interoperability, customization, extensibility, long-term maintainability and reuse.

Supports all maintenance levels through XML-based transfer and centralized database storage of test results, test data analysis, test control integration and code reuse.

Supports the entire lifecycle of the Unit Under Test (development, manufacturing, maintenance) through integration with multiple test languages (including ATLAS), test results integration and code reuse.

Supports the entire Automatic Test Equipment lifecycle (new, re-host, legacy) through common user interfaces, Configuration Management capabilities and automatic generation of development documentation

Further information about TestBase« may be obtained from the software products area of the Astronics Test Systems website.

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