SigBase is an Integrated Development Environment for the creation and execution of IEEE 1641 test programs. It supports the development of tests using flow-charting techniques and the graphical design of signals using newWaveX. It includes fully integrated compilation and signal path allocation software that determines the appropriate instrument and switch path for each signal and test. The run-time system, which is also available as a separate product for use on multiple test stations, controls the operation of the ATS and can provide test results in ATML format.

The main features of SigBase are as follows:

  • Supports development and execution of IEEE 1641 test programs
  • Programs developed using drag & drop flow-chart techniques
  • Signals and TSFs created and edited using newWaveX–SD
  • TSF libraries may be imported from third party sources
  • Source signals simulated using newWaveX–SD
  • Test strategies may be imported from DSI eXpress
  • Generates IEEE 1641 Test Procedure Language (TPL)
  • Provides test program using ATML Test Description
  • Test Results may be output as XML Test Results

This product supports the use of the following international standards:

  • IEEE Std 1641 Signal & Test Definition
  • IEEE Std 1671 ATML
  • IEEE Std 1671.1 ATML Test Description
  • IEEE Std 1636.1 Test Results

SigBase provides a complete test program development environment that facilitates the use of IEEE 1641. Test programs developed in SigBase may be distributed over multiple test stations using the SigBase RTS. The TPL, XML signal definitions and carrier language program sequences provide portable test programs that can be ported to new ATS in the future.

SigBase is avaliable for Download from Astronics

SigBase Users Course

This course introduces the integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to create, compile and execute complete test programs. Students learn how to create test sequences for both the overall test strategy and the individual tests using the graphical drag and drop facilities. Test elements include input parameters, output parameters and test limits, and the entry and use of these is explained in detail. The test signals are created using the newWaveX graphical environment and the course covers the creation and editing of IEEE 1641 signals from within SigBase. The output carrier language code and signal definitions in 1641's TPL (Test Programming Language) are explained. This course involves a high proportion of hands-on practical experience to ensure that all attendees gain a full understanding of program development using SigBase.

In addition to our full Sigbase training course, Spherea also offers a short Sigbase refesher course.

Further information about SigBase® may be obtained from the software products area of the Astronics Test Systems website.

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