"a deft shape shifter, capable of assuming a variety of (wave) forms"

The Pca synthetic instrument generates waveforms in hardware directly from an IEEE 1641 compliant software definition. It uses an on-the-fly reprogrammable hardware platform based on an FPGA digital synthesis and measurement unit. This solution provides the capability of producing a broad spectrum of physical signals from a single high performance hardware module. The use of multiple single-function instruments to provide comparable functionality is no longer necessary. This considerably reduces the real estate required and increases the flexibility of small, portable general purpose test equipment.

It has the same qualities as other components of the newWaveX family of products including these specific features:

  • Generates signals defined using IEEE 1641 signal definition standard.
  • Fully compatible with newWaveX toolset.
  • Available with Cassidian's miniFLITS ruggedized portable test system.
  • Operates with standard PC controllers
  • Waveform synthesis unit is reconfigurable in real-time, enabling numerous signal types to be output from a single platform.
  • Provides the speed and performance of hardware with the flexibility of software programmability.
— signals defined by IEEE 1641; programmed by software; created by hardware !

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