We recognise that one of our customers' chief concerns is to ensure that their systems operate reliably and can complete their mission without failure. Good repair and maintenance practise are a major part of assuring reliability but past maintenance rationale based either on reactive or anticipatory methods have a high likelihood of being ineffectual, wasteful or both.

In mechanical and electromechanical systems Prognostics has played a big part in addressing these issues but until recently there was no credible Prognostic solution for electronic systems, now there is.

Prognostics can be defined as predictive diagnostics and enables advanced methods of supporting Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) and overall Integrated Health Management Systems (IVHM).

Our approach is based on extraction of “signatures” that precede failure of the system. This is referred to as the fault-to-failure progression. Applying prognostic methods, there can be sufficient time to take mitigating actions to assure continued operation of the system.

Whether your systems require advanced prognostic solutions at the system level or innovations to manage semiconductor yield improvements, we offer Ridgetop Group's high quality, original solutions.

Further information about prognostics solutions may be obtained from here, our knowledge base .

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