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Electronic Prognostics (nanoscale to system-level)

Ridgetop provides innovative products and services to support critical electronic systems subject to harsh environments. Ridgetop’s two principal product lines, Prognostics and Semiconductor, address these objectives.


Recognized as the world leader in electronic prognostics, Ridgetop’s prognostics products provides tools and IP libraries to “prognostic-enable” critical systems, as well as links to comprehensive Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring (IVHM) systems.

Based on extracted degradation signatures, these solutions can be applied to ICs using nanoscale, in-situ canaries; to power systems using advanced eigenvalue extraction methods; and finally to system level using algorithmic approaches.


The semiconductor products provides advanced yield improvement tools, mixed-signal cores, and design services. Used in leading, international semiconductor firms, our design services span a range that includes radiation-hardened electronics for space satellites, data converters for MP3 players, radiation effects analysis, and high accuracy electro-optical laser range finders.

Advanced Prognostics Tools

Ridgetop pioneered the introduction of advanced tools to prognostic-enable critical electronic modules. Comprised of three key elements, Ridgetop has introduced innovative detection technologies (Sentinel Silicon™, SJ-BIST™, and RingDown™) to transmit monitored fault signatures via a data harness for collection and analysis on our advanced Sentinel Network™ Platform. With the built-in flexibility to mix, match, and configure, Ridgetop’s products provide its customers with the state-of-the-art equipment needed to calculate state-of-health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL) estimates.

These products, in addition to prediction of impending failures, help reduce troublesome and costly CND (Could Not Duplicate) or NTF (No Trouble Found) maintenance codes in fielded systems. Overall, these tools reduce the life cycle cost of critical systems.

Whether your prognostics requirement is for micro-electronics, complete systems, or anywhere in between, our engineers can help you select the appropriate Ridgetop product.

Further information about all Ridgetop products may be obtained from the Ridgetop Group Inc website and in this Ridgetop Brochure.

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