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As a result of the deep knowledge and expertise gained in direct involvement with standards development and the provision of tools to support these standards for over 30 years, Spherea Technology engineers have written and presented numerous papers on the subjects of test in general, IEEE 1641 and ATML. A selection of the papers are available for viewing and dowloading through the links below, these will provide an insight into the benefits of the standards and how to make best use of the tools that support them.

Many of these papers have been presented at AUTOTESTCON conferences over recent years and particularly reflect the development, adoption and improvement of IEEE 1641. Other issues, such as Prognostics, the use of ATML and MOD policy are also covered. The papers are loosely separated into six different topics to make it easier to find information on a particular aspect of the standards use or development.

In addition there are frequent symposiums held for CATS4D (Committee of Automatic Test Systems for Defence), which Spherea Technology contribute to.

  • 1641 – How it fits with MOD Policy
  • Discussions on the use of 1641, how it promotes the reuse of signals and tests and how it fits with MOD policy and the DOD ATS Framework.

  • 1641 – How it works and what it means
  • Information on various demonstrations and implementations of 1641 test programs. Also more detailed explanations of how to interpret some of the features of the 1641 standard.

  • 1641 – Implementation Techniques
  • Details of specific techniques that may be used to achieve results when implementing 1641 on real Automatic test Systems.

  • Automatic Test Markup Language
  • ATML uses 1641 as a reference for test description. The upcoming revision of 1641 is designed to be fully compatible with ATML. Both 1641 and the 1671 (ATML) series of standards are important elements of the DoD ATS Framework.

  • 1641 – History and Development
  • These papers were published before the 1641 standard was completed and approved by the IEEE Standards Board. Some of the information is dated, but they do give an overview of what 1641 is designed to achieve. As 1641 had not been completed, various working names were used; these include ATLAS 2000, A2K, SDTD, S&TD, etc. They all refer to the standard we now know as 1641.

  • Signal and Test Definition website
  • This independent website provides further information about the use of IEEE 1641 and includes reports on the various demonstrations and projects sponsored by the UK MOD. These projects have been used to prove the concepts in IEEE 1641 and have provided significant input to the development of the standard. These reports are freely available to all those interested in the use and implementation of the standard.

  • Prognostics
  • These papers discus the application of prognostics.

  • ISDD and Testability
  • These papers discuss ISDD and Testability

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